Sunday, January 31, 2010

Agreement For Lease Not Signed How To Differ Between Agreement And Contract When Drafting. It Is Lease Agreement Or Lease Contract ?

How to differ between Agreement and contract when drafting. It is Lease Agreement or Lease Contract ? - agreement for lease not signed

In most leases, is the title of "lease." When he said that the offer and acceptance and conditions. Is it enough, legally, at 100%?


los angeles attorney said...

There is no significant difference between the terms "agreement" vs. "contract" legally. In other words, if there is sufficient demand to have signed the document, both parties "consideration" (payment, firstly, the transfer of ownership in the plant on the other side), then the law (which governs the state law of contract ), it is a "contract"

On the other answer, that certain "contracts" shall not be enforceable - is it true, as the contract or agreement, to be a slave, prostitution, conducting an illegal act. Otherwise
a lease is a lease, if appropriately qualified.

oldersox said...

An agreement that has failed to state or federal law is not a legally binding contract. The two terms are interchangeable. In general use, an arrangement as sensitive to the change, and leans more to the spirit of the rule that a contract is strict in its interpretation and usually requires a written agreement to change, and s is also strictly observe the letter .

cattbarf said...

Everything is not 100% agreement, the legal, because all the agreed conditions. If you have any questions on the ability of a contract, contract cases such as that required for carrying out an illegal activity that can not be executed, execute.

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