Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hard Drive Memory How Do I Clear The Hard Drive Memory After I Delete Something?

How do I clear the hard drive memory after I delete something? - hard drive memory

I read somewhere that if you erase the memory of your computer hard drive, it more efficiently and avoid potential viruses. Is this true and how do you go ... Mans in simple terms please! I think sometimes I've touched with your mouse, then after deleting photos or vids, the mouse works perfectly, and yet everything suddenly disappears. Is this the reason?


Nishank Agrawal said...

U can defragment availble in footwear-> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter.
What happens to the data on the hard drive in various types of health care will be saved, helping to keep long-term data on the site.

Colanth said...

What you hear is nonsense. In layman's terms. (Professionals use a different term would be suspended to use my account on here.)

What we see, has nothing to do with the fact that the files are deleted or not.

A few things:

The memory is the memory units are - no disk memory.
The disc is the bytes is full if there is anything at this point or not.

You can not "clear" the unit can store the different bytes. You can do this because the deletion does not delete a file "" nothing, a mark only the space that the file is not used. The data are still there and if you want to find someone is overwritten with garbage.

You can move a problem with the mouse sometimes have causes, but not as "clean" deleted files. (And if you moved to the trash [actually read the question you get when you "delete delete"] a file, nothing, just shook FIsland in a different folder. If you want to delete or empty recycle bin "[actually delete the files in it] or hold down the Shift key when you delete a file.)

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