Saturday, January 30, 2010

Houston Flood Zone By Zip Codes Do I Live In A Flood Zone SE Houston Texas,77051?

Do I live in a flood zone SE Houston Texas,77051? - houston flood zone by zip codes

You already know the answer to this, but I'll let you know.

Yes, Sunnyside (zip code 77051), in a hundred years in the floodplain. But if you've noticed that the renewal of the marshes and drainage improvements have occurred.

Although he at some streets still flood, for example, Reed DR, and Cullen went to 610 flood, with only a light rain.

But as I said, the increase in the drainage of the street, but still a little flooding.


mybarbel... said...

You can not sit in your Address (required, register on the KHOU Web site) and show here:

Moe's Girl said...

I do not think I wanted to see how you live far from me, but I'm not familiar with the matter, the parties mainly floods Northside, Houston, in the middle, and what are the most important i know bye: o)

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