Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Do Americans Wear When They Wrestle Why Do Americans Think They Sports Are Hard And Tough?..?

Why do americans think they sports are hard and tough?..? - what do americans wear when they wrestle

their sport. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey.

(Baseball = Rounders, a game) of women
Basketball = netball (a game) of women
Rugby = (have to use towels and armor, we have not)
Ice hockey (women) play
And wrestling is fake!
Catch My Drift?


Universe god said...

I do not understand the question

Jeff said...

The Europeans are young, when they do not fall on the same impact as a lineman 300 pounds that you have the rugby is not as difficult as football. Not only sports, tough, but our soldiers were sent to save Europe in two world wars, because the British and French are not in a position to win the war alone.

Miguel R said...

STFU or English muffin. Why do not count and threw it, no1-called drift. You r an idiot and a disgrace to England. Not rugby. NFL> wrote RUGBY.And seing demons alone, I can not imagine how people in real life, ******. Players spoke of the hardest hit of the NFL, even if the football players have more hits in the game. If NFL players the game of rugby would be the style of rugby played disadvantages players who all ended up in hospital because of access to the rugby players. Rugby is not football, its shit. Fool!

glm02 <3's Pikachu said... 20 ...

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The teeth of an American \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt; Su. . . Teeth? Can I file. . . Things?

And, uh - Oh. Uh - Oh. What is it? ...

Look at who has the first place, and how.

Oh oh oh oh oh. The injured have.

Dallas Cowboys Fan Forever said...

I want to put our players in the NFL against the rugby players and see the slaughter! And rugby players can not wear, pads, then we are what will see a 6'6, 330 pound lineman in the NFL, you can press the Bank, a Mercedes is a rugby player.

Anonymous said...

Are you coming to America and play our game? I doubt it.
yall kill our football-rugby player safe. and I'm sure if you tried a sport for women here in America practice, they are killed!

Garfield said...

Every sport has its own difficulties.
If you can play all these sports, you can have a opinion about the "hard" they are.

CA C authentic said...

You can begin to fly any time I

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