Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foam Blocks For Sale Have You Ever Used Foam Blocks To Carry Your Snowboard/skis On The Roof Of Your Car?

Have you ever used foam blocks to carry your snowboard/skis on the roof of your car? - foam blocks for sale

We rent a car abandoned in the city to go to the mountain, no rental car with roof rails. I know there are blocks of parameters of kayaks and canoes, and so I wonder if anyone ever was with a snowboard and where to buy some of the foam? Can you go to a hardware store or what?


Willie D said...

Sorry ... I looked at your other questions to see where you live. In New York there are few places where you can get blocks of a kayak. I know with certainty.

Eastern Mountain Sports
591 Broadway
(between Prince and Houston)


In theory it should work. Make sure the belt is too tight.

James said...

depends on what car you have and the amount of things you can do with you, usually just sling my table in the back blocks of truck? Seems a good idea to protect your computer, where it is hard, I want to store a computer filled with foam pads for mainframe Wheeling round, fairly large number for a table of snow.
I hope that helps.

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