Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where Is Brian Saunders Greece Rate My Mock Draft 1-10?

Rate my mock draft 1-10? - where is brian saunders greece

C - AJ Pierzynski
1B - Carlos Delgado
2B - Dustin Pedroia
3B - Alex Rodriguez (I know he was hurt, but it's design just a model. And when I get back is stupid.)
SS - Hanley Ramirez
OF - Alex Rios
OF - Jay Bruce
OF - Milton Bradley
UTIL. - Carlos Peña

SP - Brandon Webb
SP - Josh Beckett
RP - Brian Fuentes,
RP - Jose Valverde
P - Justin Verlander
P - Ted Lily
P - Huston Street

BN - Oliver Perez
BN - Orlando Cabrera
SNL - George Sherrill
SNL - Kevin Kouzmanoff
SNL - Joe Saunders

I just want to know how you think I do. Where improvements could be so appreciated all the comments, Thanks!