Monday, February 1, 2010

Sitting On Stomach Fetish I Have A Fetish With People Sitting/squashing Me. ADVICE!?!?

I have a fetish with people sitting/squashing me. ADVICE!?!? - sitting on stomach fetish

OK, I'm 19 and I live in Kansas. I am a cheerleader and I was very good grades. I am bisexual and that is my sisters. My eldest sister is 26 years old and very fat and lazy, but very pleasant. It weighs over180 pounds. She leaves behind a daughter who is a little younger than he, and only 130 pounds. You have a master-slave and my older sister has a fetish session. She is obsessed with sitting on the peak of his girlfriend. I am exactly the same way with my friend, except that I'm the one who likes to sit. I weigh 124 and my gf weighs 176th There has always women, I Undo the bed and sits in the stomach or back for hours, eating or watching television. I do not know why he wants to, but I envy you. I love sitting on me. She calls me his "slaves" is for me. It also threatens to break for me. So I have some questions
Going to 1) What can I do to not break me (I do everything) (usu Sally loves only me to dismantle BRA pants and / so they go and sit with me all day and call HHE Queen and Master's)
2) What are pleased to be a slave to leave me and sit on me?
thank you sooo much
Please comment and tell me please, give her story a lot of points.


SWeeTh3@... said...

Personally, I think we should let them go .. It was clear to mention that just as you would if the Lord is a little challenging. it does not seem the same love she felt for her share.

just my opinion ..

wouldupl... said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm HOT!

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