Monday, February 15, 2010

Get Rid Chubby Knees I Have Such Fat Knees! Do Any Of You Girls Out There?

I have such fat knees! Do any of you girls out there? - get rid chubby knees

I always hated my thighs start, but in, get used to it and they're not so bad, it's just my fat knees around her look fat.

My mother is chubby knees, and she's not even fat at all.

I hate is disgusting! How can I rid of it?
They ruin the look of my legs!


Kerensa said...

Have you tried to do some exercises and exercises for toning, but if left untreated hehe go jogging, but if you do not follow the advice from me, unless my knee Size Bus

Jess123 said...

There is nothing about her figure to make. Be happy, as you look. I do not think that there is something that the fat from the knee. Try walking as exercise.
Please be happy with your appearance.

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