Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Do You Get A Pet Platypus Can I Have A Pet Platypus In The USA?

Can i have a pet platypus in the USA? - how do you get a pet platypus

Is it legal for a pet platypus in the United States have? even if I have a license or something, let me know what they are.

Please show your sources!


Fenix said...

Perhaps some things are here:

1. Platypus does not bite, no venom is deadly. " Until the beginning of this century, there were only a dozen cases of assault, because bites Platypus. "Although none of them were fatal, can cause long-term recurring ESTHESIA around the place where the damage occurred: There is something about the account given by! But yes, only men who have beards behind their hind legs.

2. To buy a platypus as a pet, you must know) only by certain laws of Australia: Environment and Conservation, 1999, together with its complementary Amendment 2001 (No. 3, in particular Article 9a. 10 or by 9A.12E amendment suggests that it may have only a platypus in captivity (in or outside Australia) for training, exhibition or conservation purposes, in addition to that also required the approval of Ministers of the Environment. I am sure that you are in good agreement with the Minister and will have little trouble! : P

3. It is that someone "you would pet unlikely to Australia, it is illegal to have them as pets, even in Australia.

Law L said...

You can not always.

Their bite contains a deadly poison, so they are not legal everywhere.

I love my mutts~ said...

If men have a poisonous sting on his hind legs. No, no one can hold in the U.S.

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