Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Did You Do For Wedding Favors What Did You Do For Wedding Favors?

What did you do for Wedding Favors? - what did you do for wedding favors

I just wanted some ideas on what I did for my wedding, not for the benefit ...
Has anyone anything for your creative wedding favors?
Thank you!


Kimya said...

My sister, the money to charity for every person who is their wedding part. People really appreciate, and it makes a difference.

~1st Time Mommy!~10/06/09 said...

We have a CD. We have some of our favorite love songs (some were a bit different, as the song burned by "Juno") and on CDs themselves. Then you label kits you can buy. They are not so expensive. I believe that we have purchased $ 20 per kit and there were 25 CD labels and cases to them. We have 125 B / C we wanted extra just in case. We had 108 Guest.

So cute, would the amount of color, very friendly, and everyone. I've never seen anyone that yet. :)

Oh, and we have our own wedding program fans. They had our photo on one side with our names, date and back of the wedding. Online shopping was beyond our budget B / C must be at least 100 and the line he has looked arounD $ 400, you do not look so great. Took some time, but it was worth the money saved and it seemed incredible. All were impressed. We had just printed one of our engagement photos and glued on the front and write the wedding list of ourselves and pasted on the back. Labels on the corners and consumed, oh, I forgot to tell you that I bought as bought folded thick paper (pack of 50 cards for € 4.50) in two Elmers spray glue timber (3 $, which probably used to be 4) and Popsicle sticks ($ 1 per pack of 50, probably) in one package. The glue or spray water on the cardboard and popsicle stick together and keep them closed, then put your photo on one side and the wedding party and stickers on the other side. I wish I had a photo to u-Link too, but seriously, that whoeverand score super nice and took that too.

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