Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tampon Coupons Tampon Question Serious Answers?

Tampon question serious answers? - tampon coupons

in this box of tampons, there is a coupon and said it expires 12/31/97
so good, but ... I'm pretty sure that the picture was subsequently purchased, what does this mean? That means they're really old and Theyd you give me a disease?


Jamie [[ROLL TIDE]] said...

Wow ..... They buy and they alone? I do not think that hurt or what, but Geez .... It was 11 years ago!

Corinne said...

probley not just the smell away. If you believe all that cotton is almost lol chain. Their safe use.

lilbaby1... said...

I personally would never end ... something but I do not believe that runs tampons, I really do not know lol I do not think it would be wrong .. Toilet paper on the fate of expiring it.good

TISHAT said...

use, the more they will be individually wrapped theyre good:)

jane_doe said...

Buffer actually a long life. very well for later use.

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