Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smelly Urine And From Acid A Vicious Cycle: Clean Vagina...?

A vicious cycle: clean vagina...? - smelly urine and from acid

I read a doctor because they are suffering from a vaginal infection. It seems that if you wash and use a lot of cleaning products, chemical balance of your mess and cause an infection, but if they do not wash, not the same thing?
If you do not feel very clean, and wash your body confused, changes in bacterial flora and smells worse
I do not know what I feel bad smell all the time
I also read that the urine of women is sour and smells worse
I'm sorry, so big: (but really for me anoing


beenther... said...

The treatment of infection by treating with a physician. After the do, not all of the toilet vagina. Do not use. This spoils our vaginas themselves should do. If you are about odor concerns bathe regularly. Bath instead of baths is the trick. Use soap in the outer areas, as elsewhere. Do not put anything in you.
Urine? Who knows!

vnbmuliy... said...

Ask your doctor Gyne.

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