Thursday, February 18, 2010

Could I Be Pregnant Test Online Pregnancy Test Negative, But Could I Still Be Pregnant?

Pregnancy test negative, but could I still be pregnant? - could i be pregnant test online

OK, so what are the details. I was on the 4th Months pregnant when I learned that my baby died inside me and was dead for 3 weeks and has never failed. It was the hardest time of my life, and I have a D & C done in February 8.2008. (For those who do not know what a D & C in fact an abortion.) I had my next period, 17 March, then the 16th April 20 May, 23 June and July and is now 30 no time limit. Monday 28 I went and brought to know the answer test. Pregnancy says to the first field test on the first morning to take, but I'm too curious and impatient, so I took over and was negative. I had a day other than the instructions say, and negative. I went online and looked up ovulation host has aD is said to have had ovulation July 12-16, or something. Was it too early to have a pregnancy test? Am I pregnant? I want a baby, but I think I'm emotionally ready: (


JennJenn said...

Anything is possible.

Young K said...

It may be too early, because I do not have enough pregnancy hormone to activate the test. You can continue on the morning a little more (I recommend the first response of gold) or a nurse can do a blood test. The latter is more accurate.

Good luck to you. I hope that you are pregnant and everything is now fine. May God bless you, my dear.

soon to mrs 9.19.09 said...

Sorry for your loss.

You can always a false negative, a friend of mine has 4 attempts to reach a positive and pregnant, was that all the time. I would say that the sample in the morning or arrange an appointment. I would not judge from a normal ovulation schedule, if you know when you ovulate used instead. In fact, can vary

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