Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crack For Mount N Blade Car Running Funny After Replacing Valve Cover Gaskets And Spark Plugs.?

Car running funny after replacing valve cover gaskets and spark plugs.? - crack for mount n blade

I have a '93 Lumina with a 3.1 V6, 150K MI on them. I replaced the spark plugs, the son, the PCV valve seals and valve cover, because it was leaking oil. Well, not the oil leak, but I now have a bigger problem.
I had to remove the higher you there.
Now the arrival 10mpg, shit reactive acceleration and LPG.
The firing sequence is certainly true.
Check again and again.

drive/reverse/2/1 when I start shaking a little.
Order on N and P.
Engine bearings are relatively new.
I have no engine light.
I can not understand.
Firing order fine
everything is connected properly. I've even bought a new vacuum hose and the hose from the PCV valve and run according to the scheme, since a crack.
I tried to solve it in 3 days.
any help would be appreciated.

This could be the EGR valve?


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