Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Active Lpn List Washington State My Husband Might Go On Active Duty Soon. Should I Take This Job?

My husband might go on active duty soon. Should I take this job? - active lpn list washington state

I just had a today's meeting went very well. I was told to call at a pay offer.

Even today, my husband finally has all his papers on active duty to go to ... are still the final signature ... something that has worked for months, you will receive orders to report within a month or so.

As you can see, there is nothing set in stone. Should I do the job? Or they will probably refuse to leave soon?

For your information: This is an LPN position in a pediatric clinic.


WAYNE T said...

Yes, if you employ all the time without breakfast! ! ! !

I am retired U.S. Coast Guard for the care of her husband

And I hope that this will be a base, otherwise with a support group when it comes to commitment.

They should be taken in the website of Yahoo Mail "military" to see the answer, click on "government policy"

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