Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bombay Chest Chest Problems With My Cat?

Chest problems with my cat? - bombay chest

OK, so is my (2 years old cat, Bombay) was meowing more than usual lately, but never meows, so I think it is normal for a cat. There has been sleeping more than usual in recent weeks we have a screening in the courtyard, running, and it is very cold (like 63 degrees high and low quality 75), when it comes to standing on the cold sound strange, this to the chest, as if wheezing or something and then picked it up and scratch his ear, and there is a buzz about it. was warmer and with a high today of 88 degrees and do not occur in the yard, he coughed, as if to spit a pain, but nothing happened again and began wheezing. the use of drugs for the revolution of chips, this recipe is very good, but they must be given every month, except for the last time I got was 2 months ago. Oh, and he always has a runny nose cold and wet. I love my cat so I do not want something of the past. I hope not to say, or heart to heart. Thank you for that question simply to please help

Do not tell me, because I know that the purr of the difference.